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Increase your income

We are not here to replace your Paypal, but as a supplement to increase your income. With Wispay, potential payers are no longer being kept off by expensive Visa transaction fees or the risk of credit card information leakage.

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When it comes to simplicity, you can’t beat a click. No matter which country you are living in, you no longer need to worry about foreign exchange rate. With Wispay, no commissions will ever be charged by any banks on your hard-earned money.

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You no longer need to give out your name, billing address and credit card information on Wispay. In addition, you can know all the details of your transactions, and withdraw Coins from your Wispay account to your own wallet at any time.

Wispay suits you the best if you are...

Online Content Creators
Whether you are a streamer, a b(v)logger or an instagrammer, you can get tips or donations in Crypto from fans around the world instantly and securely with Wispay. And worry no more about transaction fees and foreign exchange rate.
Whether you design websites, write code or sell your creations online, Wispay and Cryptocurrencies together can help you to expand your business to any parts of the world, by simply sharing your link and get paid.
Crypto Enthusiasts
Believes in every bit of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies? Then Wispay is the perfect payment tool for your daily life.

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